A leading architect firm

Client Brief

One of India’s leading architect firm was looking to accelerate growth by adopting a process and technology driven approach. The main rationale behind this thinking was to differentiate themselves from intense competition and cement their reputation as one of India's premier architecture design firms. They wanted aggressive growth without compromising on their core values of Ethics and Design. The client also wanted to build a framework enabled by technology and process to bring rigour to the BD function. To meet this objective they engaged Marketsof1


The first and foremost task undertaken was to understand the way sales had functioned in a firm lead by Architects and engineers. Fortunately the client had sales funnel data going back for at least 3 years. They had an impressive leads funnel report that tracked multiple stages of the funnel from enquiry to creds presentation to customised pitches, all the way down to project won or lost.

During the immersive phase our team spent time observing how the BD team approached the leads funnel, both inbound as well as outbound. Analysing past data also gave us significant insight into the factors affecting the leads progress from one stage of the funnel to the next.

During the immersion phase itself we realised that it was important to embed the business development processes into the existing framework rather than create a new one. The management too was of the same opinion. Secondly, it was important we understood the nuances of a firm primarily led by designers and develop a customized sales and marketing process that motivated the team to adopt and engage.


First and foremost a process framework was devised to streamline the way leads progressed through the leads funnel. One of the cornerstones of this process was sensitising the entire organization about the importance of the BD function and it’s dependence on the rest of the organization to win projects.

Secondly, a sales force automation tool was identified and implemented. A specific resource with relevant experience was hired and a robust reporting and MIS system was put in place. Once implemented this started giving real time data helping the management take timely decisions to drive growth.

Maketsof1 team also helped the client create a digital strategy that would elegantly amplify their strengths and position them in the appropriate consideration set.


An entire organization that is charged and contributing to business development leading to acceleration of growth with one year of engaging Mof1

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