Lets Work Together

Marketsof1 prides in attracting and retaining good talent. Our people policies and work culture are designed to promote collaboration and create an environment for every team member to succeed.

Our People Values

Trust and be trusted

We act in the most trust worthy manner with all our stake holders, especially our clients, employees and partners. Our proposals, processes(internal & external) and commercial transactions are constructed in such a way that there is absolute transparency inspiring trust.

Act with Empathy

Since we are in the services business this becomes critical. More so during crunch times. We want our employees to deal with our clients with a lot of empathy. We want our managers to deal with our employees with empathy and so on and so forth

Be humble & respectful

This too becomes important as the team size grows and so do people within the organization. People tend to get cocky. Again because we are in the services business everyone should treat peers, subordinates/bosses and most importantly clients with respect.

Always provide value

This is key to success. If each person is trying to provide value to the other person in a transaction it elevates the way we work. This is applicable for all interactions - peer to peer, boss to subordinate, us to client.

Take Pride In Your Work

Irrespective of what we do, it is important to do that well. When each one of us aspires to give our best every single day, the collective effect on the team is incredible. The end result is a bunch of confident people who are respected by clients and peers alike. Thus it is important for each one of our success that we take pride in what we do and make sure we improve on it just little bit every day.

Employee Perks

Best in class incentive program that rewards performance. Quarterly appraisal cycle for staff and bi-annual appraisal cycle for executives. Free Healthy and nutritious lunch for all employees.

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