Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software platform that helps a company automate their marketing and sales processes to generate more leads, close more deals, and accurately measure defined success parameters. In large B2C companies marketing automation processes also help in nurturing the relationship creating long term value.

A typical marketing automation software aids companies reach and engage prospects in multiple ways -

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead nurturing and inbound marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Landing pages and forms

Regardless of industry, channel, or use case, marketing automation platforms help companies, especially in the B2B segment build personalized, seamless journeys for leads and customers at scale.

Marketing automation software can be classified into two broad segments

Marketing intelligence

These software track the behavior of anyone interested in a product or service to gain a measure of intent by using tracking codes in a companies various digital presence such as website, landing pages, social media pages etc. It can record which campaign or social media was the entry point of a prospect or the path they followed, which link was clicked on in an email or which search term was used to access a website so on and so forth. This allows more accurately targeted response workflows and the development of a nurturing program specifically targeted towards fulfillment of the prospect’s intent.

Marketing automation

The main aim of automation is to improve conversion by moving leads from the top of the funnel to the bottom in a methodical manner. Leads are scored, based on their activities, and receive relevant messaging, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale. Marketing Automation involves multiple areas of marketing and is really the marriage of digital marketing technology dovetailed into a structured sales process.

Benefits of marketing automation

From our experience in implementing marketing automation solutions for our clients we have seen automation result in more web traffic, more buyers, and spur greater retention and loyalty. A well implemented automation solution with result in

  • Increased Demand generation
  • Well oiled Inbound marketing processes
  • Better lead scoring
  • Real-time tracking of the marketing metrics
  • Predictive analytics for better future planning
  • Increased customer retention

Benefits of marketing automation

  • Devising an appropriate automation strategy for clients customized to their needs
  • Putting together the right Martech stack that will enable the automation
  • Building the automation workflows
  • Defining the success metrics and methods to track the same

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